Manual Lymphatic Drainage in the Horse

Q: What is manual lymphatic drainage?
A: Manual lymphatic drainage is the process of utilizing unique massage therapy techniques to control and reduce the accumulation of fluid (edema) in the joints and muscular tissue of horses.
Q: What are the positive effects of manual lymphatic drainage?
A: By utilizing various massage techniques, the superficial lymphatic vessels are stimulated resulting in increased muscular contractions thus reducing edema. Studies have shown that the use of manual lymphatic drainage therapy has effectively reduced edema in horses.
Q: When is manual lymphatic drainage indicated?

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy has numerous benefits and has been successfully employed in treating the following conditions:

  • Post traumatic (injury) edema
  • Postoperative edema
  • Degenerative tendon conditions
  • Tendinitis
  • Tumescence
  • Chronic phlegmon
  • Excessive swelling due to stagnation
   The swollen leg

Manual lymphatic drainage is also believed to accelerate the dissipation of lactic acid thereby decreasing the recuperation time in racehorses.

Additional information regarding manual lymphatic drainage:

Manual lymphatic drainage is a soothing process for an injured horse. Each massage therapy session lasts 30-60 minutes and ends with compression therapy. The entire therapy regimen generally lasts 1-2 weeks depending on the treatment indicated.

Each massage session lasts 30-60 minutes    The compression therapy in the end

If you are interested in acquiring such treatment for your horse or simply obtaining more information about this innovative procedure, please contact me.